YouTube: Change the layout of the video page

YouTube is one of the most visited Website on the planet. Everyone of us visit YouTube once in a while to watch new interesting videos that has been uploaded on it. While watching videos, you might have noticed that the website lack some features which limits the enjoyability of the viewing experience for the viewer. […]

How to prevent Windows 8 from automatically signing in the last user

If you are using or have used Windows 8 than you must have noticed that it automatically signs in the last user who reboot/shutdown the system. Although this feature allows you to have faster log-in but for Windows 8 users, who have multiple user accounts find this feature annoying. Instead of an automatic log-in, a list […]

GA Cookie Cruncher analyses your Google Analytics cookies

There may be times when you want to track the websites which have been visited on your computer in your absence or what your kids are doing on the internet behind your back(to protect them from darker side of the Internet). One option available to you is to check the cookies folder, which can give you a […]

Changelog Droid: Track Android Apps Update Changes

Android is the most popular Smartphone Operating system today and one of the best thing about Android is that all the installed apps on your Smartphone phone gets automatically updated in background. Although it’s a really amazing feature but it don’t give you much information about the changes being made or new features added to […]

How to import partial torrent downloads into another Client

Everyone prefers their own Torrent Clients for torrent downloads but there might be a chance that now you have decided to switch to another client. The reason behind the switch could be anything like Too much of Advertisement, compatibility issue and for me, i switched from uTorrent to Vuze because i liked it’s user interface […]