HTTPS Everywhere – Encrypt your communications

Onine threats are increasing with rapid speed and you never know when you will fall prey to those attacks. That’s the reason most of websites like bank, paypal, Facebook, Twitter or any other Websites that contain sensitive information about you prefer to use Https connection.

Many Websites on the other hand don’t force Https connection, they let user decide what connection you will prefer while using their service. Clearly, Https is better then Http as far as security is concerned and this option of choosing a connection type don’t make sense since a user like myself will always prefer to use Https conection. It is for those Websites Https Everywhere extension has been created for. As the name might have alluded HTTPS Everywhere provide you an Https connection wherever it is possible.

HTTPS Everywhere - Encrypt your communications

Enforce Https connection using Https Everywhere

There is a new version of the popular add on HTTPS Everywhere has been released for Firefox and Chrome. This new version add another 1500 sites to the list that it prevously supports. Those who are familiar with Https Everywhere can take a look at the list of supported sites in the preferences. For Firefox users, they need to type about:addons in the address bar of the browser after that click on the option button next to the HTTPS Everywhere. From there You can enable or disable the enforcement of https for all listed sites .

Final Words

Many Websites still offers limited support for encryption over HTTPS, but make it difficult to use and for non tech savvy people it is hard to implement those methods. Https Everywhere will be a perfect solution for those people since it will force those websites to continuously use Https Connection.

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