Increase your WordPress loading speed

In today’s digital world website loading speed is one of the most important feature of your website. Taking more loading time than usual could lead you to lose a potential visitor. Not, only that loading speed also plays a key role in ranking your blog on search engines which is the best way to get traffic to your blog. So, I did some research on how to boost the speed of your wordpress blog.

First you must check your loading speed on and if your speed is less than 2 sec you won’t have to worry. Your blog is working at top speed but if it’s more than 2 sec then you must give a try to these tips.

Must have WordPress plugin

1. W3 Total Cache

This plugin caches everything from your Browser, Page, Database, Object etc. Its inbuilt minify option makes it more powerful because this feature compress CSS and JS files which reduces your blog’s loading speed. Its transparent CDN (Content delivery network or content distribution network) ingratiation make easy to integrate popular CDN services like MaxCDN, Cloud Flare, Net-DNA etc.

2. WP Widget Cache

Using too much widget also slow down your WordPress blog. Widgets increases SQL Queries and slow down your WordPress speed. This plugin caches widgets and increase speed.

3. WP

As every blogger and WordPress user upload and add images to his posts. Images consume too much space and also reduce WordPress load speed. This plugin will automatically compress the image whenever a visitor will open a post which will result into increase in WordPress load speed. It optimizes JPEG images and stripping Meta data (like captured data) from JPEG images.

Disable unnecessary plugins

Some plugins create tables on your database because they have css and javascript files in them which results in more queries to happen. So, it would definitely help you if you activate only important plugins needed by you rather than trying each and every plugin.

Choose reputed hosting service

Go for a reputed hosting service if you can afford one because it will not only privileged you with higher loading speed but also lower down time. Though, they are many reputed hosting service I would personally recommend Hostgator because of the customer service they provide and almost every new blogger gets into a problem while setting a blog so, it’s a good option to choose.

Latest wordpress version

WordPress is one of the most commonly updated CMS and is one of the world’s best. With change in technology wordpress also have to update to match that technolgy .Keep your wordpress up to date to meet the needs.

Design code

Try to have a clean and tidy coding design so that you don’t put much weigh on your server and avoid unnecessary line like comments and php tag and if you are not used to coding I would recommend not to play with your codes.