Get Instant Facebook Notifications With MyStatusBar

Many of us are Facebook addicts(including me) and likes to get every single Facebook notifications as soon as it arrives in your account but none of us have enough time to spend hours using Facebook only, do we? So, It would really handy if we can get all notification in real time while we are surfing Internet or busy in doing some other work.

To help with that, there is a handy extension named MyStatusBar for Chrome that provides you the same funcionality and constantly updates you with real time Facebook notifications, posts, messages. MyStatusBar integrates with your browser and notifies you when an update happens in your Facebook accounts, even when you’re browsing other sites.

After installing the extension, you will notice a blue Facebook toolbar at the bottom of your browser after that all you will need to do is log in your Facebook account in order for it to work.

Get Instant Facebook Notifications With MyStatusBar

How to Install Mystatusbar for Facebook notifications

    • Go to the MyStatusBar download page and install the Chrome extension.
    • After the installation, MyStatusBar will redirect you to its homepage, you can either choose to login into Facebook using Facebook button at the bottom left of the page or just avoid that to do it later.
    • To get started, Click Log in with Facebook.
    • Allow MyStatusBar access to your Facebook account.

Get Instant Facebook Notifications With MyStatusBar

After doing all the above steps, you will notice MyStatusBar appear at the bottom of your browser providing you Facebook notifications updates in real-time even when you are browsing other websites. All in all this extension works nice with your browser and enhance your Social networking experience with Facebook.

Download Mysatatusbar Extension For chrome

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