IoS app read news to you

In this world, life is busy and time is money  almost  each one us want to use our time in a productive way. Well, there is an app called Snackr to help you save your bit of a time that you spend on watching news . This IoS app will not only create a personalized audio stream of news for you, it will also read a summary of it out loud while you can do other work like working out, playing with your computer or driving. Snackr creates different categories of  top news, technology, startups, business, and entertainment and gets updated in real-time.

Features supported by Snackr:

1. You can see an entire history of the news that has been read to you.

2. It allows you to share your choice of stories with your friends.

3. It supports many popular news sources.

4 . You can get your personalized news update within 5 minutes.

5. You can read stories while you are listining them or also mark stories for reading later.

7. You can also set reminders of weather, sports score, friend’s birthday, horoscopes and more

Snackr is a completely free app and only compatible with IoS and also gets featured on techcrunch.