Make Videos Sticky On Any Web Page In Chrome

Almost every Video-sharing Website show comments below the video player, following this format makes page appears less cluttered but this doesn’t allow a user to browse comment and watch video at the same moment.

If you like to add such a feature in your browser then a Chrome extension named Video Tape allows you to add this functionality on every web page with a video embedded on it. With Video Tape you can stick the video player anywhere on the web page in a way that you are free to scroll the rest of the page while video remaining visible all the time.

Make Videos Sticky On Any Web Page In Chrome

Once the video player is displayed on the web page, click the Video Tape icon in the toolbar and a popup will appear with a rectangle which represents the default position of the video on the page. All you need to do is drag the square in the popup to re-position the video player on the Web Page. In some cases( like I have to do for YouTube  you might need to change the DOM settings of Video Tape so that a video will appear above comments while scrolling the Web page.

Make Videos Sticky On Any Web Page

After that you are free to scroll through the rest of the page. Video Tape not just only works on YouTube and Facebook videos but for almost every Website that share video content.

As of now Video Tape is in beta, although it works fine most of the time but you might notice little quirks like Changing video CSS position from anything to fixed may sometimes make video start over again while this won’t be issue if you’re careful to play a video only after you have re-positioned it first. Though Video Tape is not supposed to do that but it also allows you to re-position some of the other elements(ex Images) on some web pages.

If you are a heavy video surfer, you might like to add this simple feature in your browser