Make Your YouTube interface wider and remove watched videos

At the end of 2012, YouTube went through a left-aligned design change – many users all across the world felt that the new interface lets quite a good amount of space go wasted at the right side and opposed it. At the end this resulted into a roll-out of extensions to center the YouTube layout.

However, if you are still not happy with the YouTube design or just want to increase the usability of the interface then a Chrome Extension named Better Tube might interest you. In simple words this extension helps you to make full use of your screen space and get rid of the not so much needed sidebar on the YouTube home page.

Make Your YouTube interface wider and remove watched videos

Better Tube shows its full potential while you are signed in – After installing the extensions (No need to restart the browser) you will see a remove option which you can use to remove the videos you’ve already watched or aren’t interested in watching to reduce the clutter from the feed.

As you play around with different videos you will notice that a translucent white layer with Watched written over will be added to the thumbnails of these videos. Moreover, you can also hide these already watched videos by selecting the check box at the top of the feed and since Better Tube supports infinite scrolling, it will automatically loads videos when you reach the bottom of the page until you run out of videos.

All in all, Better Tube is power packed with really nice features. One thing that could have made this an excellent app is the ability to hide watched videos from the search results but still just like it’s name implies it do help in making user experience of YouTube better.