Manage Windows 8 applications right from the desktop

Windows 8 users must be aware that Start Screen allows you to manage all your Windows 8 applications. From Start Screen you can pin any legacy app to the Task-bar, Turn the live tile on/off, unpin any app from the Start Screen, uninstall or change the sizes of their tiles.

However, this method might not be convenient for many, especially if you’ve also pinned additional items like files, apps etc on the Start Screen. Windows App Boss is a free portable tool(In Beta) which provides you a GUI for installing Windows Store Apps and allows you to manage Windows 8 applications right from the desktop.

Manage Windows 8 applications from the desktop

Upon launch, it displays a list of all Modern apps installed on your Windows 8 PC, along with related information, such as publisher number, version. The user interface is fairly easy to understand – with the uninstall button at the top right you can remove an app. The Install option allows you add to New Packages.

Windows App Bos is basically created to assist other Windows Store App developers. So, if you want develop and publish your own Modern UI apps, Windows App Boss provides a quick way to obtain a developer’s license from Microsoft – simply navigate to Tools > Developer’s License and click the ‘Acquire & Renew’ button.

Manage Windows 8 applications

Another great feature of Windows App Bos is Snapshot, It allows you to create backup of an app of your choice, this will allow you easily revert back any changes made to the app. You can create as many snapshots as you want. To roll back to a previous app state, simply select the location of the snapshot by clicking the Browse button – select the restore point from the list and hit Apply.

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