Mapinterest – A social site that allows you to follow places

Mapinterest is a social network platform built on Google Maps that lets you share videos, photos and check-ins on a worldwide map with everybody else around the world. This social site have almost same look and feel of Pinterest, Just like we use Facebook to follow friends, twitter to follow people and Pinterest to follow topics, Mapinterest can be used to explore and follow places you are related to.

You can connect to Mapinterest with a Twitter or Facebook account. Mapinterest will show you details of the location whenever you click on it as well as all the items that have been added for that location. You can also add items by pasting a YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest link and all the images and links that you share will go live instantly allowing people to both comment and follow your posts or you can follow individual people and locations and every new activity will be shown in your newsfeed.There is also an around me feature by which this site can trace your browser location and provide you information about latest item added around your location.

Travelers and people who love to see and know about new places are definitely going to fall in love with this social network. Mapinterest is in its beta stage and for now available for desktop users only. Even if you aren’t interested in joining map based social site it could still prove a great way to get your pins and videos more attention and maybe new followers also.