MaskMe: Protect Yourself from Junk Emails[Chrome]

Almost every Website all across the web ask for your email addresses to provide their services. Though giving out your email address to sites and registering yourself allows you to catch up with all the important notification and use their services but it also increases the chances of getting your email filled with spam as some services makes a fair amount of money by selling your Information.

To keep yourself away from the spam you can either create a secondary email or a disposable email addresses that gets created on the fly. An extension named MaskMe for Google Chrome can do just that for you. Basically it allows you create a unique random email addresses,whenever you need them.
When a website ask for your email address, MaskMe displays a popup below the email field giving you an option to either register using your main email address(which you choose after installing Maskme) or a randomly create unique email address on the fly.


Every email received in your randomly generated email account will be forwarded to your main account until you wish to block the process in the settings. This gives you far better control over your emails, since you can choose to block or forward any email whenever you want. For an instance, if you have have lost the password of the account all you need to do is enable forwarding in Maskme and you will get the password resetting link in your main email address.

Other features Maskme includes:

Create custom emails– This proves handy when automatic generation of email address don’t work on a website for one or another reason.

Generate strong passwords – Many people ends up using same password on every website, this feature will be a life saver for all those people. It will also check if the password you have entered during registration is strong enough or not.

Track your privacy – It will also keep the records of where and when you have shared your personal information on the Internet and displays them in your privacy tab on your account page.

Overall, Maskeme is an easy to use and highly recommended add-on and you can also get your hands on features like mobile access and masked phone number if you are ready to pay $5 a month.

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