Metro App link is a free tool that allows you to create shortcuts of your favorite apps on your desktop. This application directly let you run the app from the desktop and ultimately saves your time by removing the step of switching to start menu. Metro App link is a portable app, all you have to do is to extract and run the application.

At first a message will popup asking you to install the icon library. After doing that you can create shortcuts buttons for all your native apps. The shortcut button let’s you create a shortcut of the corresponding app on your desktop.

MetroApp Link: Make Desktop Shortcut of Metro App for windows 8

Well, the “tool is cool” but still the two things i Found lacking in this application is that it still lack support for the apps downloaded from windows store and the main interface only gives the icon of the apps. It will be really helpful to identify the shortcut if the app also provide a name with the icons. MetroApp Link is available for both 32-bit and 64bit-bit version of windows 8.

Download MetroApp Link(Updated Version 2.3 beta)