MusiXmatch: Search and View Lyrics Of Any Song

We all love listening to music, I mean for me it’s one of the best and quickest method to relax when you are feeling bored or tired and for some people music is passion, life, work or everything what I said before. Whenever we hear a song that we really like we start whispering the song as well, at least that’s what I do most of the time but what if we don’t know the lyrics. Yes, I know your answer will be “we can always search for lyrics on Internet if we don’t know them”. So, Keeping that in mind, Windows 8 app developer created an app called musiXmatch lyrics. This app allows you to search for the lyrics of any song you wish on any device using Windows 8 and also lets you view the information about the artist such as their discography, biography etc.

MusiXmatch: Search and View Lyrics Of Any Song

How musiXmatch works?

The main page of this app display the list of current chart toppers from all arount the world. This app shows four basic screens Top United Kingdom and Top United Stsates and a Top World screen and My Music. To search for the lyrics of a song you need to press Win+Q which will bring up the search bar at the right side of the screen. After that, fill the name of the the song and hit enter. Now, Select the required item from the menu like to search for lyrics click on lyrics menu.

Another feature of musiXmatch is that it lets you to search the lyrics for songs that saved in your Computer. All you have to do is right click on the song and select open with>lyrics. The song will be played by the app while displaying the lyrics.


For now MusiXmatch don’t support some basic features like playing navigation controls, create playlist etc. Hopefully, these features will be added in the future version of this app. MusiXmatch Lyrics works on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8.

Download musiXmatch app