MyPermissions:Remove Apps With Access to Your Personal accounts

The method of using Facebook or Twitter account to log in to the service of Websites is on the rise and whenever we usually come across a website that asks us to use our Facebook or Twitter accounts,We just do so and move on. Though this is a pretty useful Since users need not have to create a New account before they can use the Service. However, granting access allow these apps and services to get a hold of personal info that is saved in our Social accounts, risking our privacy.

Most of these services promise that they won’t share or sell your personal data but still its a control issue and no one will love to share their personal data to any 3rd party specially when they are not using those Services any more. So, the question is how can a user easily look for these services in his Social Media accounts.

Thankfully, MyPermissions is here to rescue you from this problem. It’s a free web service which gives you one stop access for all your apps allowances.

MyPermissions:Remove Apps With Access to Your Personal accounts

How does MyPermissions works?

MyPermissions directly links to the app permission management pages of popular social networking sites. It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Google, Dropbox, Yahoo, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Instagram, Flickr, AOL, and Familio. Click on the icon and you will be asked to sign in, after that a settings page will be provided to you and from there you can edit and remove app permissions right away. Each services have their own way to operate, so you have to figure that out on your own. There is also an extension available for chrome named My Permissions cleaner which you can install if you don’t wish to visit the Website again and again.


My Permission is really useful and highly recommended to anyone who is a heavy net surfer and social networking user. You might be surprised to know that how many unwanted apps have still access to your Google, Facebook or Twitter account, where most your personal information is stored.

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