NetWorx – Monitor Network Bandwidth to analyse your data usage

Nowadays, many people use high speed internet with unlimited bandwidth plan which lets them browse, download, stream videos etc without worrying about the bandwidth usage. However, there are still people who depends on a limited bandwidth connection for one or another reason and get charged by their ISP depending on the Bandwidth usage. For people who are using this type of Internet connection often gets surprised by bandwidth usage when the monthly bill arrives.

So it will definitely be a better option to accurately monitor your bandwidth usage to remain sure that your ISP charged you according to your bandwidth usage and NetWorxis a program that allows you to do just that.

How NetWorx Monitor Network Bandwidth?

NetWorx -  Monitor Network Bandwidth to analyse your data usage

NetWorx allows users to monitor how much bandwidth they have used whcih user can analyze via daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, hourly rates, etc.

NetWorx -  Monitor Network Bandwidth to analyse your data usage

Along with the statistics, a graphical chart is created to show both Upload and Download sessions for the selected category. You can view the overall usage, or select just a single user. To share your bandwidth stats with others,you can export reports in XLS, RTF, HTM, TXT and CSV formats.

NetWorx can differentiate bandwidth usage between users, or you can the view total bandwidth usage including dial up users. You can also monitor real time bandwidth usage using Speed Meter. Things you can analyse are Average Transfer Rate, Current Transfer Rate and Maximum Transfer Rate for all connections( Including both Incoming and Outgoing internet traffic) using Speed Meter.

A new Quota option have also been added which allows you to add Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Quota and when you reach the set Quota limit, the application will show you a Quota summary dialog.

Overall, NetWorx is really great tool for those who wants to monitor their bandwidth usage. NetWorx works on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.

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