NinjaWPass WordPress security – Protect WordPress against keyloggers and stolen passwords

NinjaWPass wordpress security plugin

NinjaWPass is unknown yet powerful free wordpress security plugin to protect administration login of your blog. The method that NinjaWPass works is really different as compare to other popular security plugin and even many large banking corporation are using NinjaWPass to protect online account of their customers.

How it works?

NinjaWPass wordpress security plugin allows you define a second password from 10 to 30 characters which will act as your second password. After you enter your real admin password NinjaWPass will ask you to enter 3 random chosen characters from your password.

NinjaWPass WordPress security

How it will help you?

Let’s think, Your system is infected by a keylogger and you have entered your password but after that NinjaWPass will ask three random characters of your password and it’s something that the hacker won’t be able to guess and your account will remain safe.


While providing this ultimate security way NinjaWPass also allows to receive an alert email whenever someone logs into the  admin interface of your wordpress.


The procedure of installing NinjaWPass is as same as other wordpress plugin so that won’t be much of a problem.

Download NinjaWPass wordpress security pluging

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