Norton Satellite – Scan Dropbox & Facebook Feeds For Security Threats

Cloud storage is a revolutionary technology that let us save our important data online allowing us to access it anytime from anywhere in the world and with each passing day, Cloud storage is getting more and more popular.

Although it’s a hassle free way to access your data on the go but what if your system is infected by a Malware? How will you really know that the malware hasn’t infected the synced files.

Thankfully, there is an app for Windows 8 User called Norton Satellite which lets you scan our Dropbox Account, Facebook News Feed, or a specific file or folder on your computer or your SkyDrive cloud storage for security threats.

Norton Satellite - Scan Dropbox & Facebook Feeds For Security Threats

How Norton Satellite Works?

Norton Satellite uses its own Symantec virus database to find Security threats and to provide information on trust-worthiness of URLs and files. Norton Satellite can be used to scan Facebook News Feed, files on your Dropbox cloud storage and your computer.

To Insatll the app

  • On the Start screen, click the Store app to open the Windows Store
  • Type Norton Satellite and press Enter
  • Click on the Norton Satellite app
  • Click Install and Follow the instructions.

Once the app is installed you will notice that the main window is divided into four section Scan Dropbox, Scan Facebook Feed, Scan a Folder and Scan a File. To scan your Dropbox account or Facebook feed you need to login into your account. Norton Satellite will show you the date of the last scan, allowing you determine how long has it been since you last scanned your accounts for Malware’s.

Overall, For Windows 8 user’s Norton Satellite will be a nice app to have in their arsenal to fight against malicious threats. Norton Satellite Supports both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 8.

Download Norton Satellite