OblyTile: Create custom Windows 8 app tiles

Those who are using Windows 8 or had used it will definitely have experienced the lack of customization of Start Page in Windows 8. Windows 8 dont allow you to customize the appearance of the tiles, all you can do is pin any application on Start Screen to personalize the Background.

Thankfully there is a new third party tool named OblyTile which allows you to perform the same task in quick and simple way. OblyTile is a free tool that lets you create custom tiles and exchange them with Windows 8 app tiles that you want to customize on Start Screen.

OblyTile: Create custom Windows 8 app tiles

How to Create custom Windows 8 app tiles Using OblyTile?

OblyTile is fairly easy to use, just extract the program on your PC and run it on your computer. Fill out all the details as required, as for the images you can download or create your own images to be used as tiles icon. In the Program Path Option you have to select the complete path of the target file you want to associate with the tile. Try not to use large image files because they might not show up in the Start page. OblyTile also lets you set the background colour of a tile and this comes into play when the image is a transparent PNG file.

Overall, if you are type who likes to customize and have more contol over your Windows 8 Start Page then OblyTile is a must have tool for you. OblyTile support both 32 and 64 bit version of Windows 8.

Download OblyTile

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