pi.pe transfer media files in just few clicks

pi.pe is an online free service which allows you to transfer your media files including images and videos to another online service in just few clicks. The web app supports most of the popular services like Facebook, Flickr, Instagram etc. All you have to do is drop a media file into pi.pe and it will […]

Block ads using adblock in all browsers

We all do web surfing every day in search of information, movies, software, Facebook etc. You must have noticed that almost every website have ads on them no matter its Gmail, Facebook or other websites though, it’s not something bad but sometimes ads on certain websites could prove annoying and personally I don’t like ads […]

Increase your WordPress loading speed

In today’s digital world website loading speed is one of the most important feature of your website. Taking more loading time than usual could lead you to lose a potential visitor. Not, only that loading speed also plays a key role in ranking your blog on search engines which is the best way to get […]

Unsubscribe from unwanted emails automatically

Unsubscribr is a free tool that scans your email for bulk and junk mail messages and tries to unsubscribe out the junk and bulk mail it finds. It also allows you to quickly and easily unsubscribe from most email lists in batches as well as one by one. All you have to do is type […]

IoS app read news to you

In this world, life is busy and time is money  almost  each one us want to use our time in a productive way. Well, there is an app called Snackr to help you save your bit of a time that you spend on watching news . This IoS app will not only create a personalized […]