What’s better in windows 8

1. Windows store Windows store will be a built-in utility that lets you find and install software from a single place. What’s so different in it ? well, for windows it ‘s not tough to find a compatible software but with compatibility you  also need that the software meet your needs and windows store can […]

Friend Manager for Facebook

Do you wanna control exactly who is going to see your post on your wall of facebook. If yes, then there is an app just maded for you called Friend Manager. Friend Manager gives you control over who sees your information on Facebook in a simple way means all you have to do is just […]

BTGuard: Anonymize your torrent services

Many of us use BitTorrent for downloading and sharing of files but when you’re downloading or seed a torrent, you’re connecting to other people and all of them can see your computer‘s IP address. With the help of your IP address Piracy monitoring groups can notify your ISP (Internet Service Provider) about your doings. After all […]

Encrypt Your Sensitive Dropbox Files For Free

Cloud storage is becoming more and more common day by day cause we all love the convenience of anywhere data access.Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Microsoft Skyfire and ohers makes it easy to share and store files and sync between platforms. But they store enormous amount of data and there are certain types of sensitive […]

Activate GodMode in Window 7

Access all window setting without needing to browse options and folders in control panel using “GodMode”. GodMode is the name of the folder which will allow you to change all your control Panel settings from one place. How to use it: Step 1: Create new folder Step 2: Rename your new folder to “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”(you can […]