Reduce memory usage of Chrome with The Great Suspender

Google Chrome has been widely criticized for having abnormally high memory usage as compare to other popular web browsers. While this may not be an issue with users who have lots of memory installed in their PC, it may be problem for those who often find themselves in condition of memory maxed out. To reduce memory usage […]

Download Files Directly to Dropbox Using Right Click

The Google Chrome extension “Save to Google Drive” allows you to directly save files to your Google Drive from the browser using the right-click menu option, and if you’re looking for similar functionality to download files directly to Dropbox then you must need to try “Download to Dropbox” for Chrome. Once installed, you need to […]

HelloSign: Digitally sign documents without leaving Gmail

HelloSign have added a new functionality to fill out and sign a document in Chrome without even leaving your Gmail inbox. Once you have connected your Gmail account to HelloSign, you will be able to open, edit, sign documents from your Gmail or automatically loads the edited/signed documents as an attachment to be sent. You […]

How to backup and restore Windows 8 apps data

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a new way aka Windows app store to download applications on Windows PCs and tablets. These Application store a certain amount of data like music playlist or game progress, when they are used and there may be a situation when you need to reinstall Windows but don’t want […]

Make Your YouTube interface wider and remove watched videos

At the end of 2012, YouTube went through a left-aligned design change – many users all across the world felt that the new interface lets quite a good amount of space go wasted at the right side and opposed it. At the end this resulted into a roll-out of extensions to center the YouTube layout. However, if you are […]