Infographic: Biggest Social Media Moments of 2012

A lot of big things took place in the past year, everything from President Obama holding a Google Hangout, Activities of Anonymous to Psy’s Gangnam Style breaking one billion views on YouTube went viral on social networking platforms. Social media is no longer a trend, but a way of life. These big social media stories […]

PlaceIt – Generate App Screenshots in Realistic Environments

PlaceIt, by Breezi, is a free service that allows you to upload web or app prototypes image and generate screenshots of your apps in realistic environments. The service has multiple environment themes, to get started, first you need to select the environment from the horizontal selection tool. Then just upload or drag&drop the JPG, PNG […]

Windows 8 Cheat Keys and tips

Windows 8 and Windows RT have introduced some new keyword shortcuts to it’s users. If you’re not familiar with these new keyboard shortcuts and want to learn them then Windows 8 Cheat Keys might interest you. Windows 8 Cheat Keys is a free app that helps users to learn the shortcut keys and other tips […]

SimpleExtManager: Easily Manage Extensions in Google Chrome

Extensions allow us to add extra functionality and features to the default installation of browsers. With the help of extensions we can customize, control or enhance the features of our browser. However, with the increase in the number it might turns out to be troublesome to manage extensions . For an instance, there are times when […]

Easily backup and restore drivers in windows

Drivers and Registry are two core parts of window operating system, in fact most devices won’t even work if you don’t have required device driver installed in your hard disk. In short, drivers helps your PC to recognize and communicate the instructions to those devices. Even a small error in loading of drivers could cause instability or […]