Some useful custom address bar searches

Custom search engines are one of the highly useful feature of modern browsers that we can use in our everyday routine. It allows you to feature specialized information in web searches, categorize queries and create custom searches, based on Google Web Search which can hugely speed up your browsing process. That said, Following are few […]

Boot UI Tuner – Customize Windows 8 Boot Screen

With the Release of Windows 8 Microsoft have replaced the classic boot loader with a GUI boot loader called Boot Options Menu. All in all it’s a nice change but people who have installed more then one OS (both WIN 7 and WIN 8) in their system and frequently switch between installed OS, finds this […]

Cloud View Chrome Extension to add Next-Gen Features to Chrome

Google Chrome Team is reportedly working on a Chrome extension called Cloud View that will allow users to project contents from any tab from Google Chrome to any other discoverable device. For an example, with this extension you can play a YouTube video on Google Chrome and reflect the content on a TV in the living room. Cloud View […]

How anyone can Save your Snapchat permanently

Snapchat allows you to share photo or video with your friends that will only be available for a limited amount of time ( Depends on your set expiration time) before it completely disappears from receivers device and Company’s Servers. The basic idea behind Snapchat is to give you a feel of more control and security over your […]