Phototheca – An Image Manager With Password Protection

People use to have millions of memories in their life and to capture those memories we use images. Images are like mirrors of our past which we can show to our friends, Family and other people. So, it is important for us to manage them and keep them secure.

Though Windows have their own default image viewer but it does not provide you a lot of options to edit and manage them. All you can do is set them as desktop background, view one image after the other, rotate and delete them and that’s the end of the provided features.

Phototheca is a free image manager that allows you to easily organize large amounts of images. With Phototheca you can view images according to calendar, create albums, create events etc. Apart from that, it also detect duplicate photos on your system and further let’s you password protect private photos.

Phototheca - An Image Manager With Password Protection Phototheca - An Image Manager With Password Protection

Phototheca – An Image Manager With Password Protection

The interface is divided into two panes. On the left, you will find menu and tools sections, such as Events, Last Import, Photos, Calendar, Flagged,Duplicates, Trash etc and the right side displays the images or content of the selected section.

Once the application is launched for the first time, it will ask you to add images to it’s library. To add images all you need to do is drag and drop the image folder over the window and Phototheca will automatically add all the images into the library. Phototheca will automatically create events of the images based on different time stamps, after all the images is loaded in the library. You can later, create an event of your own or merge several events into one.

After all the images have been added, photoheca will automatically look for the duplicate images and add them to the Duplicates section which you can delete one by one, or all at once with a single click. You can also tag your photos with different keywords such as any other information related to that image and that keywords can be used to quickly search the photos later.

Key Features of Phototheca

  • Organize Images in Library
  • Password protect your private images
  • Detect and remove duplicate images
  • Filter Photos by Camera Model or Time

Final Verdict
Overall Phototheca is a pretty good image manager which allows you to easily organize thousand of images. One flaw you might notice that while no one can access your private images using Phototheca (if they dont have a password ) but these photos can be viewed from their actual location. Phototheca works on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.

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