pi.pe transfer media files in just few clicks

pi.pe is an online free service which allows you to transfer your media files including images and videos to another online service in just few clicks. The web app supports most of the popular services like Facebook, Flickr, Instagram etc. All you have to do is drop a media file into pi.pe and it will automatically deliver to your friend’s computer.
The cool thing about pipe is that it will let you transfer about 1 GB without leaving a trace so you won’t have to worry about misplacing of the links. Pipe works on peer to peer connections and will not affect your connection throttle speed.

How to use pipe

1. Go to pi.pe and log in into your facebook or google account and grant permission for the app.

2. Pipe will ask you to select the media files and will show you every media files available in your account.

3. Pipe will give you the details of the File.

4. Pipe will ask you to choose the destination to which you want to move your media files

Then the app will verify that you have enough space in your specifed account.
pipe definitely proves handy if you want to move large media files in real time. For now the service is invite only but you can use the invite code “getpipe” at http://pi.pe..