Plugin Organizer – Control the way your plugins should be loaded

WordPress is currently Known as the most popular blogging platform on the Internet. It is used by many top Websites and one of the reasons that makes WordPress stand out is it’s rich plugin architecture.

There are thousands of plugins available which you can install in your WordPress blog to enhance it’s functionality. These Plugins allows you to add almost any feature ranging from Commenting System, SEO to Contact Forum on top of the default installation.

On the contrary, using many number of plugins increases the loading time of the website which ultimately effects the bounce rate and degrades the user experience.

Though disabling these plugins might not be an option but still there is no need to load each plugin on every post or page of the blog. For an instance, there are many plugins which are only needed in admin interface or you dont need to load CSS of a rating plugin on a post until you need its functionality on that page.

That’s where Plugin Organizer can prove really useful. It’s a perfect solution for the very above problem, basically it gives you access to two features that help you control when plugins needs to be loaded on page or post.

Features of Plugin Organizer

  • Change the loading order of the plugins :- This functionality allows you to arrange the plugin in an order(High to Low priority) in which they should be loaded. You can decide which plugins are important and should be loaded first as compare to other plugins during page rendering.
Plugin Organizer - Control the way your plugins should be loaded

To arrange the loading order, simply drag the plugins in order according to your need and than select the “save plugin load order” option and hit “Apply”. Depending on the number of plugins active it may take some time to arrange the order. You can also add plugins to a group and filter the list to quickly access selected plugins.

  • Disable or Enable plugins on select pages or post :- This is the most interesting feature of this plugin. You can choose which plugin should be loaded or not on a selected page or post. These option will displayed below the WordPress text editor. You can also globally(for whole website) disable a plugin using Plugin Organizer > Global Plugins. To do so you have to first enable the “selective loading of plugin” option.

Note:- Please make sure to move the PluginOrganizerMU.class.php file from /wp-content/plugins/plugin_organizer/lib to /wp-content/mu-plugins before you enable the Selective plugin loading option. You will have to create a mu-plugins folder if you didn’t found it.

Though Plugin Organizer(Download) will not drastically decrease your website loading time but still its pretty useful plugin for a WordPress user and definitely worth a try.