Reduce memory usage of Chrome with The Great Suspender

Google Chrome has been widely criticized for having abnormally high memory usage as compare to other popular web browsers. While this may not be an issue with users who have lots of memory installed in their PC, it may be problem for those who often find themselves in condition of memory maxed out.

To reduce memory usage of Chrome, one option Chrome users have is to use less tabs and restart browser regularly but this might greatly affect your productivity. On the other hand, you can use a extensions that allows you unload tabs from memory, which will be better solution to apply.

The Great Suspender is a Chrome extension that allows you to manually suspend tabs or automatically after a set amount of time. By clicking the extension icon next to browser’s URL you can suspend the active tab or entire window tabs. Since Great Suspender extension also maintains a history of all the tabs that you’ve ever unloaded this makes reloading tabs just a matter of few click.

In the settings options you can manage a white-list or set an inactivity time period which will unload all the inactive tab after a set amount of time and view a history of the tabs you’ve suspended. By default the automatic suspending of tabs is set to never and length of inactivity can be changed from 5 minutes to 12 hours before the tabs are suspended automatically.

Reduce Memory usage of Chrome

You will also have an option of white-listing a domain on suspended pages which makes it really easy for an user to white-list a domain. The feature that makes Great Suspender worth using is it’s ability to unload a tab any time you want, and reload the tab even if the timer isn’t expired.

Overall, The Great Suspender is a handy extension for users who wants to control and reduce memory usage of Chrome. The only issue that I faced while using this extension was that the icons were not visible at all when I clicked on the icon in the URL bar. However, you still see the alt text of the icons which will still allows you to distinguish between them.