INFOGRAPHIC : Robot Study Buddies!

If you are a fan of Science Fiction movies than you must must have watched Will Smith starrer iRobot. In a way this movie reflects future of robotics and what possible advantages and disadvantages we might face in Future.



Robots on The Rise

Well, there’s a robot trend on the rise. South Korean ministry belives that they wll have a robot for every household by the end of 2020. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, computing related occupations will comprise for almost 60% of all science, mathematics, and Technology jobs by 2018. Imagine, A highly advanced machine serving you food, greeting your guest and helping your child in studies. Not only this, there will be no need to send humans on Space missions or having a Robotic bomb disposable Squad. Ok, I know I am going to far but future robitcs might change the way mankind had lived.

This cool infographic from explains how robots are affecting our everyday life especially in education field like transmitting real time information for a a 16-year-old student who can’t attend school due to his heart condition or creating a Mechanical arm to do simple tasks and lot more.

After going through the infographic let us know in our comment section

  • Would you really like to buy a Advance Machine for household work if it’s affordable?
  • Do you really feel a need of having a Machine to do basic task of your everyday life?
  • Most importantly, Do you belive that Future Robots could be Future criminals as shown in various Science Fiction movies?

Robot Study Buddies
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