How to save your data usage while downloading video[Quicktip]

Are you a video junkie? well, if you are then this quicktip can be really helpful for you to save your internet data usage and bandwidth. As a video junkie you must watch and download too many videos in a day. To download videos you might be using a download manager like IDM but hey, wait, why the hell are you downloading a video which is already in your computer?

Now you must be surprised by my question but what I meant to say that the video you just watched is already saved in your computer cache memory and there is no need to download it using a download manager which is going to send another request to download it from the server. To better explain this, lets take an example. You just watched an 100MB video and you really liked it and want to download it but for that you have to waste another 100MB whereas if you copy that file from your cache memory all you have used is just 100 mb as compared to 200MB. So, it’s a win-win situation.

How to copy the videos from the cache memory?

The video will be saved in your computers cache until you leave or close the page in your browser. You can either copy the file from your temp folder or use a simple software like videocacheview. Using a software will be a far better option since it will more haslle free to search a file in cache memory.

 downloading video[Quicktip]

How to use this software?

Videocacheview is really easy to use. All you have to do is run the exe file and it will automatically scan your cache memory. Now, you have to select the file you want to save and browse the path to where you want to save the file. One of te best thing about about this software is that it even let you copy those Video’s which are not allowed to be downloaded in your geographical location.


  • Support all popular browsers.
  • Support all formats.
  • Allows you to play videos directly from the browser cache.


  • Not all videos are stored in cache memory so it won’t be able to copy the file  if it’s not available in cache memory.

Download VideoCacheview

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