SafeGmail – Send Private messages through Gmail

Are you looking for an easy method to encrypt your mail without much hassle  Well, if that’s the case then you should try this Chrome extension called SafeGmail. SafeGmail allows you to encrypt your email when you compose them. To encrypt emails it uses PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption technique (a common standard type of encryption) […]

Norton Satellite – Scan Dropbox & Facebook Feeds For Security Threats

Cloud storage is a revolutionary technology that let us save our important data online allowing us to access it anytime from anywhere in the world and with each passing day, Cloud storage is getting more and more popular. Although it’s a hassle free way to access your data on the go but what if your system is […]

Dashlane Courier – Send Private Information In Encrypted and Self-Destructing Emails

There are times when you need to send Sensitive information like Account password, Credit card numbers or just a personal message that you don’t want others to read. Well, you can send these information via Email or Text but the question is, Are they really enough to secure such a sensitive information for you? Dashlane, a password […]

HTTPS Everywhere – Encrypt your communications

Onine threats are increasing with rapid speed and you never know when you will fall prey to those attacks. That’s the reason most of websites like bank, paypal, Facebook, Twitter or any other Websites that contain sensitive information about you prefer to use Https connection. Many Websites on the other hand don’t force Https connection, […]

How to restrict Websites access using .htaccess

There may be times when you notice a certain supicious ip. You belive that the person behind that ip have an intention of harming your website in any way he possibly can, For ex if you have an adsence account he can create Invalid activity by clicking on your ads, resulting you banned adsence account. […]