Android vs IOS Security: How Secure are they?

We all know that these two OS have taken over all Tablet and Smartphone market arena so far. They both have awesome features like really nice user interface, thousands of app to download, better visual appearance, Power efficient etc. If you are planning to buy your first smartphone then you will most probably be confused, […]

How to have a Safe and Secure Web Browsing

We really can’t stop ourself from clicking on links, because that’s the way internet works that’s the way we browse web, surf to other web pages but the thing we can control is to make sure that the link is safe and not contain any Hidden link or malware, before clicking on it. Following is […]

Change DNS Servers and Improve online security

Basics about DNS DNS(Domain Name System) is a core technology spread across all over the Internet, which helps in name resolution. In simple words, whenever you try to browse a website by typing it’s URL in your browser, your computer will not look for the URL, it looks for the specific ip in the form […]

Stop Hotlinking – Protect your server bandwidth

Are you fed up of scrappers who steal your images from your RSS feeds or website by directly using the url, without your permission? This is something which is widely known as IMAGE HOTLINKING. The worst part of Image Hotlinking is not only they are using your images but also sucking your server bandwidth, and […]

Cloud encryption: Protect your Data stored in Cloud

Cloud Computing is a priority nowadays for those who seek agility, and mobility for their sensitive data. Cloud Computing lets you store gigs of data which you can access anytime and anywhere in the world, It’s never been that easy all you have to do is just drag and drop. But what about security or […]