SimpleExtManager: Easily Manage Extensions in Google Chrome

Extensions allow us to add extra functionality and features to the default installation of browsers. With the help of extensions we can customize, control or enhance the features of our browser.

However, with the increase in the number it might turns out to be troublesome to manage extensions . For an instance, there are times when you only need to enable few extension for a certain period of time, or the opposite, extension that you don’t need.

SimpleExtManager: Easily Manage Extensions in Google Chrome

SimpleExtManager is a free Chrome extension Manager which allows you to quickly and easily manage extensions( enable/disable ) installed in your Google Chrome without even opening the settings tab.

It also lets you define groups, where you can enable or disable multiple extension at the same time. This proves quite handy if you oftenly enable/disable your Extensions.

After installing SimpleExtManager an icon will be added on the right side of your chrome toolbar. Clicking on the SimpleExtManager icon will list you all the extensions and apps that you have installed in your browser.

Key Features

  • Adds an extension manager into your toolbar.
  • Deactivate multiple extensions at once.
  • Easily Switch between the themes which you have installed in Chrome.

Note: – SimpleExtManager is currently in alpha phase so you may or may not face instability issues after installing it.