Robosizer automatically resize images you upload

Are you fan of taking high quality screenshots and sharing them with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest or send them in email. Well, if you regularly do that then you must know that all these images got one thing in common – large file sizes. Sending or Sharing such large files waste a lot of […]

WifiInfoView: Scan nearby Wifi Networks and Channels

When you want to connect to a public wifi network, you usually search for networks that gives strong signal strength and are not password protected. The signal bars give some hint about the strength, but does not tell the whole story and also checking each network individually for password protection can be very time consuming. […]

Get Instant Facebook Notifications With MyStatusBar

Many of us are Facebook addicts(including me) and likes to get every single Facebook notifications as soon as it arrives in your account but none of us have enough time to spend hours using Facebook only, do we? So, It would really handy if we can get all notification in real time while we are […]

Mozilla Thunderbird 16.0a2 Earlybird released

Thunderbird is an email client from Mozilla that is designed too make emailing more faster and safer. It includes features such as intelligent spam filters, expert support and can be fully customized using various plugins and themes. Thunderbird have a really clean user interface which allows you to manage your emails more efficiently by setting […]