Start Screen Pinner: Pin Any Files type to Windows 8 Start Screen

If you are using Windows 8 then you must have notice a certain limit of programs that you can pin on Windows 8 start page. By defult Windows 8 allows you to pin app, folder, drives to the start screen but you can’t pin libraries and other file types.

Thankfully, WinAero has released an excellent free tool named Start Screen Pinner which allows you to pin almost anything to your Windows 8 start screen. By using Start Screen Pinner you can anything you wish let it be libraries, EXE files, drives or any other file type.

Start Screen Pinner: Pin Any Files type to Windows 8 Start Screen

Start Screen Pinner allows you to pin

  • Any file regardless of its type
  • Any folder
  • Libraries
  • Shell Objects like Run command
  • Any folders or files with a simple drag and drop

All you need to do is download this tool from the, extract the contents on your Windows 8 system, and run the program afterwards. Files or libraries that you select to pin will be added instantly to the start page from there you can open the file just like you use any other app available on start Screen.

Overall Start Screen Pinner is a useful tools for Windows 8 users who want to pin items to the startpage that by default Windows 8 don’t allow to do.

Download Start Sceen Pinner

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