StayInvisible – Test Your Online Privacy

While using Proxies, VPN or browser like TOR to browse web anonymously, a question sometimes might pop up in your mind How anonymous you really are? How much information does your browser cookies are sharing with tracking companies?

StayInvisible - Test Your Online Privacy

If you’re not sure, head to StayInvisible. It is a web Service which allows you to test your Online privacy and lets you analyze what information does your browser handover to tracking websites.

Stayinvisible can provide you

Location & Language – The site displays the location (using IP address), language that are being used and your Time Zone based on your IP address.

Possible tracking cookies – Though modern browser are designed to provide more features but these features also help in revealing your identity using cookies, StayInvisble show you tracking Cookies that can be used in your browser to track you.

Browser Configuration – StayInvisble also reveals configuration information that can be used by tracking companies to create a unique fingerprint of your browser.

Overall, it’s pretty useful service if you want to test your proxy service or VPN server’s effectiveness.

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