SwiftPreview: Find out what’s behind a link,Photos & YouTube Videos

Have you ever felt a need of a way by which you can find out what’s behind an URL while you are browsing Internet without even clicking on it? or When you are looking for a specific webpage in a long list of URLs. Clearly, visiting every link one by one and browsing every unwanted Webpage will be a waste of time for you.

Swiftpreview is a Chrome Extension that allows you to do so. After this extension is installed in your Google Chrome, whenever you hover over a link this extension will show you a preview of the link in an overlay on the exact same Webpage.

SwiftPreview Chrome Extension

SwiftPreview: Find out what’s behind a link,Photos & YouTube Videos

SwiftPreview not only display link preview, but also allows you to have a look at a full-sized image previews, so there will be no need of using a photo zoom extension with this. The size of the preview window is dynamic means the size of the preview window will increase or decrease depending on the browser Window.

Another Worth mentioning Functionality of SwiftPreview is that it allows you to pin the preview to your Web Browser Window which will keep the Window visible even when you remove the mouse pointer over that link. SwiftPreview also allows you to hover over YouTube link and watch the videos right on the screen and you can pin that video as well, Cool isn’t it?

With the Change of some settings you can manage when and how the preview will be available to you on a website, you can block websites you don’t want a preview available or change the width , height of the preview Window,  preview creation delay, disable prendering etc.