Swizzle: Unsubscribe email newsletter in bulk

While surfing Internet we susbscribe to newsleters of many different websites. Sometimes you ended up in a situation where you have subscribed to so many newsletters that your inbox starts getting flooded with them. This also cause important messages to lost into the long list of mails.

Now, Searching unimportant newsletter one by one will be such a pain, don’t you think?

Thankfully, to make things easier there is a nice app called Swizzle which allows you easily Unsubscribe email newsletter in bulk.

How to Unsubscribe Email using Swizzle ?

Swizzle scans your email account and after that it lists all the subscriptions for you. From there you can decide which subscriptions you want to keep and which you want to get rid of. Another cool feature of Swizzle is that it allows you to group your subscriptions and receive their newsletter in one single email, you can also choose the time and day you would like to receive the mail.

Swizzle: Unsubscribe email newsletter in bulk


How to get started?

  • Enter your email address on the Swizzle home page and click Go.
  • Enter your email address password in the following page (Swizzle asking your password to get access to your email inbox so that it can scan it).

Once the above steps are done Swizzle will go through your email account and display every subscription one by one a giving you an option to unsubscribe email. You will also notice a Digest list option in which you can add important subscription. All the subscription that you will add in your digest list will be shown under your Daily Swizzle. To use the feature of daily list you have to create a new account. You can either use Facebook credentials or you can create a new Swizzle account with the email address you are scanning.

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