Make Videos Sticky On Any Web Page In Chrome

Almost every Video-sharing Website show comments below the video player, following this format makes page appears less cluttered but this doesn’t allow a user to browse comment and watch video at the same moment. If you like to add such a feature in your browser then a Chrome extension named Video Tape allows you to […]

Make Your YouTube interface wider and remove watched videos

At the end of 2012, YouTube went through a left-aligned design change – many users all across the world felt that the new interface lets quite a good amount of space go wasted at the right side and opposed it. At the end this resulted into a roll-out of extensions to center the YouTube layout. However, if you are […]

MaskMe: Protect Yourself from Junk Emails[Chrome]

Almost every Website all across the web ask for your email addresses to provide their services. Though giving out your email address to sites and registering yourself allows you to catch up with all the important notification and use their services but it also increases the chances of getting your email filled with spam as […]

How to have a Safe and Secure Web Browsing

We really can’t stop ourself from clicking on links, because that’s the way internet works that’s the way we browse web, surf to other web pages but the thing we can control is to make sure that the link is safe and not contain any Hidden link or malware, before clicking on it. Following is […]

Facebook Unseen Block seen feature of Facebook Messenger

Facebook has taken hold as undisputed leader among social networking websites. Millions of people visit Facebook to connect, share their social life with friends and family.But lack of privacy have always been a big concern though Facebook is trying their best to introduce more privacy features, they’ve not been completely successful in their efforts. Recently […]