INFOGRAPHIC: The Google Yourself Challenge

Have you ever tried to Search your name on Google? Well, if you haven’t then you really should do this. You might get surprised how much personal info Google really stores about you. The tendency of searching yourself on internet is called “egosurfing” but still it’s a really nice way to know exactly what info does internet reflect about us.


Why you should do this?

  •  The reason behind this is really simple and straight. Having personal sensitive information publically available is definitely not a a good idea Since, it can aid an attacker in hacking methods like Social Engineering.
  •  If you work in a company or have your own proffesional business than you would really love to known whether you are going to make a good impression or not, when someone looks for you on Internet.
  •  You can also find out what others people are talking or sharing about you, such as potential employers.

Google Yourself Challenge

This interesting infographic called “The Google Yourself Challenge” is created by Backgroundcheck will explain you about the different variants of the info we share on Internet. After going through this Infographic make sure to Google yourself, ensure that your privacy is safe and other peple are not finding things that shouldn’t appear on result web pages.

The Google Yourself Challenge

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