Mozilla Thunderbird 16.0a2 Earlybird released

Thunderbird is an email client from Mozilla that is designed too make emailing more faster and safer. It includes features such as intelligent spam filters, expert support and can be fully customized using various plugins and themes.

Thunderbird have a really clean user interface which allows you to manage your emails more efficiently by setting priority levels. It allows tech savvy people to show their skills by playing with Digital certificates, signature location or the connetion security.

Mozilla Thunderbird 16.0a2 Earlybird released

Why to use Mozilla Thunderbird?

Better Security – Thuderbird provides Top graded security features such as message encryption, digitial signing, support for security devices. It provide better security from various email scams and don’t allow attachments to run without your permission, protecting you from malwares.

Heavily loaded with Features – Mozilla thunderbird offers support for smart addressbook, advanced message filtering, import tools, IMAP/POP support, LDAP address completion, return receipts, powerful search, newsgroup accounts and the ability to manage multiple e-mail

Stop junk mail – Thunderbird use best known methods and tools for detecting junk mails. Each mail passes through the thuderbird’s junk mail filters. Thunderbird also uses your mail provider’s spam filters to prevent junk mails getting into your inbox. It also let’s you automatically delete your junk mail or you can choose to put them in a folder.

Fully Customizable – You can add features or customize thuderbird using various availale extensions according to your needs. It even let’s you choose the way you want to view your email, let it be a three-column view or simple view.

Final word

It’s one of the best email client’s out there and and the best part is, it is free to use. If you haven’t heard, used Thunderbird before then you should try this out, it provides better security and allows you to have more control over emails as compare to other email clients.

Download Mozilla thuderbird 16.0a2 Earlybird from softpedia