YouTube – Watch Music Videos from your favorite genre or music charts

YouTube is renowned as one of the worlds best online service to watch music videos. However, one place where YouTube lacks is the way music videos are arranged and presented to the user.

For an instance, if you want to watch the music videos of the top 40 songs of UK charts. You will need to look for the list on another website and then search for the video on YouTube. This could be a tedious task since you have to continuously switch between two tabs.

Watch music videos

If you oftenly search for latest music videos then a new WIN 8 app called YouVue can save you from all this trouble. YouVue allows you to bring together world’s music charts and let’s you watch music videos in your favorite genre or from your favorite music charts.

At the first launch, YouVue will show you charts of top 40 including UK, USA, Europe etc and single charts from countries such as Japan, Spain or Russia. It will navigate to a page listing the videos when you select a chart and from there you can play the videos right away or can use the global play button to play all videos one after the another.

YouVue will also provide you information about the artists, the lyrics of the current video song or display other songs by the artists or similar artists. For now YouVue supports more than 40 charts and 8 genres and with some change in settings you can control the quality of videos or enable the background play while you are busy doing something else.

All in all, YouVue is quite an useful app for all the music lovers out there who likes to listen different genre or want to play all the best video songs from a single place.