What’s better in windows 8

1. Windows store

Windows store will be a built-in utility that lets you find and install software from a single place. What’s so different in it ? well, for windows it ‘s not tough to find a compatible software but with compatibility you  also need that the software meet your needs and windows store can prove handy for you to find most suitable software for windows.

2. Metro interface

Metro is the new start application for windows 8, replacing th start menu in windows 7. Cool, thing about it is that it displays real-time information from supported applications via live tiles means your camera app can tell you about your recent added pics or how many unread  emails you have via email app.

3. Windows 8 Taskbar

Windows 8 taskbar can be customized to work with multiple monitors. The default options is to appear on every single display but you have the options to change it’s appearance on each display.

4. Windows management

Windows 8 had taken window management a step further with it’s metro applications with it you can can place the app either on right or left hand side according to your wish. Now, you can keep an eye on different apps from a single screen but for now, it’s limited to work on the main display only.

5. File copying

File copying is far better in Windows 8. Now, you  won’t have to wait for windows to calculate the time of your copy it’s starts almost the moment you press paste and a live update screen will notify you about the copying speed and amount of data has been copied. Though it don’t look like a too good improvement but trust me, in your day to day use you are gonna love it.