Wickr – an iPhone militirary grade encryption app

Wickr is a brand new iOS app that offers military-grade encryption for video, text, and picture messages on an iPhone. According to Nico Sell (App co-founder) Wickr is so easy to use that even her “3 year old son can use this app”.

This App allows you to set individual messages to auto destruct within a set period of time after the recipient opens them or they will be automatically will be deleted within 6 days and leaves no trace. Wickr use AES and RSA encryption methods to encrypt the messages to the point that even Wickr’s own servers never see an unencrypted version of the images, videos or text.

One of the coolest features of this app is that it overwrites the messages with random data before deleting it from your phone so that there will only be junk content to see even if somehow the message been recovered from the phone memory.


Features of  Wickr app:

1. It deletes all metadata from your pictures, video, audio files like your device info and any personal information that have been captured during the creation of those files and leaves no trace.

2. This app offers military-grade encryption for your text, picture, audio and video messages.

3. Making security convenient Wickr provides best available privacy, anonymity and anti-forensic features.

4. Wickr doesn’t require you to link an email address to your account.