WifiInfoView: Scan nearby Wifi Networks and Channels

When you want to connect to a public wifi network, you usually search for networks that gives strong signal strength and are not password protected. The signal bars give some hint about the strength, but does not tell the whole story and also checking each network individually for password protection can be very time consuming.

WifiInfoView: Scan nearby Wifi Networks and Channels

What you need is a Simple tool that scans Wi-Fi networks around you and provides you detailed information about them. WifiInfoView is precisely that tool. It is a free to use desktop application for Windows based System.  It is a small compressed utility and you don’t even need to to install it. All you have to do is run the EXE file and it will quickly starts listening wifi networks around you.

Feature of Wifi Infoview

WifiInfoView main interface lets you view the signal strength of each network and its applied security methods. It will also provide other information like MAC address, strength summaries by channel, Router Model and Router Name and many more. If you have a long list of WI-FI networks you can use its find feature to look for a particular network.

NoteWifiInfoView only supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. It does not work with Windows XP because it uses a new wireless API which does not exist in Windows XP.

WifiInfoView is a perfect utility for those who mostly use public WI-FI networks. This app will save your precious time which otherwise you would have spent for looking a network with good signal strength.

Download WifiInfoView

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