Remove Extra Shortcuts from Windows 8 All Apps listing

While using Microsoft latest offering operating system(Windows 8) you must have noticed that whenever you open the All Apps listing on your system, it shows you shortcuts of all the installed apps along with Start menu Entries, links to Websites and read me files. Though some of you may find these shortcuts useful but there are many […]

TuneUp IncrediLock – Customize Windows 8 lock screen

If you are looking for apps to help you better customize your Windows 8 then TuneUp IncrediLock is one such app that you ought to give a try.   TuneUp IncrediLock (From the developers of TuneUp Utilities) lets you customize your Windows 8 lock screen and transform it into a more elegant and personalized dashboards. It […]

How to prevent Windows 8 from automatically signing in the last user

If you are using or have used Windows 8 than you must have noticed that it automatically signs in the last user who reboot/shutdown the system. Although this feature allows you to have faster log-in but for Windows 8 users, who have multiple user accounts find this feature annoying. Instead of an automatic log-in, a list […]

Most Useful Windows 8 shortcuts

Most useful New Windows 8 shortcuts Windows: Switch between the start screen and desktop. Windows key + C: Access the charms bar, works both on the start screen and desktop. Windows key + X: Allows access the Windows Tools Menu Windows+Q: Opens the Apps search menu on the start screen Windows key + I: Access the […]

WinMetro – Bring Windows 8 Metro UI to Windows 7

Windows 8 is a hot topic right now and one of the most talked about feature of Windows 8 is the Start screen interface that Microsoft have introduced in it. Though Windows 8 is more faster, featurestic and beautiful as compare to it’s predecessors, Still there are many people who wants to stick with previous version of […]