NetWorx – Monitor Network Bandwidth to analyse your data usage

Nowadays, many people use high speed internet with unlimited bandwidth plan which lets them browse, download, stream videos etc without worrying about the bandwidth usage. However, there are still people who depends on a limited bandwidth connection for one or another reason and get charged by their ISP depending on the Bandwidth usage. For people […]

Phototheca – An Image Manager With Password Protection

People use to have millions of memories in their life and to capture those memories we use images. Images are like mirrors of our past which we can show to our friends, Family and other people. So, it is important for us to manage them and keep them secure. Though Windows have their own default […]

Start Screen Pinner: Pin Any Files type to Windows 8 Start Screen

If you are using Windows 8 then you must have notice a certain limit of programs that you can pin on Windows 8 start page. By defult Windows 8 allows you to pin app, folder, drives to the start screen but you can’t pin libraries and other file types. Thankfully, WinAero has released an excellent […]

OblyTile: Create custom Windows 8 app tiles

Those who are using Windows 8 or had used it will definitely have experienced the lack of customization of Start Page in Windows 8. Windows 8 dont allow you to customize the appearance of the tiles, all you can do is pin any application on Start Screen to personalize the Background. Thankfully there is a […]