How to Delete Windows.old Folder using Disk Cleanup

When you upgrade Windows xp, Window vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, you will notice that you have large size folder named Windows.old in your primary drive. This usually happens when you perform a custom installation of Windows without formatting the hard drive that have previous version of windows installed in it. This unwanted folder […]

Best Free Data Backup Software For Window and Mac

There are so many important things that we save in our computer, let it be family photographs, office data or your Bank account information. Do you have a backup of these these precious images or files. Believe it or not incidents like virus attacks, hard drive crash or deltetion of files by human mistake can […]

MetroApp Link: Make Desktop Shortcut of Metro App for windows 8

Metro App link is a free tool that allows you to create shortcuts of your favorite apps on your desktop. This application directly let you run the app from the desktop and ultimately saves your time by removing the step of switching to start menu. Metro App link is a portable app, all you have to […]

What’s better in windows 8

1. Windows store Windows store will be a built-in utility that lets you find and install software from a single place. What’s so different in it ? well, for windows it ‘s not tough to find a compatible software but with compatibility you  also need that the software meet your needs and windows store can […]