WinMetro – Bring Windows 8 Metro UI to Windows 7

Windows 8 is a hot topic right now and one of the most talked about feature of Windows 8 is the Start screen interface that Microsoft have introduced in it. Though Windows 8 is more faster, featurestic and beautiful as compare to it’s predecessors, Still there are many people who wants to stick with previous version of windows.

However, if you are one of those people who are happy with their Windows or can’t afford to upgrade at the moment but still like to feel Windows 8 Metro UI , then you may be interested in a new program called WinMetro.

WinMetro is a new program developed by IOBit which allows you to transform your Window 7 interface to look and feel more like Windows 8.

WinMetro - Bring Windows 8 Metro UI to Windows 7

How WinMetro Works?

After the installation, WinMetro will loads the start screen just like Windows 8 does and to switch between the new interface and desktop you have press Windows-x.

WinMetro Metro UI looks just like Windows 8 start screen interface and here it displays useful information like weather, news, frequently used programs or tiles that link to photos, Facebook and Twitter, which all launch in full screen.

To get Charms bars you need to press Window+c and there you will find options like network settings, Volume control, switch to the start screen, search etc.

Right now WinMetro is in its beta stage and have some quirks like

  • It don’t allow you to add or remove tiles or shortcuts from the interface.
  • You might notice that some of the apps not working properly.
  • Unlike Windows 8 you have to use Window+x to switch between the start screen and classic desktop.

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Overall WinMetro is nice program and could attract people who like to use Windows 8 start screen on Windows xp, Vista or Window 7 if the developers manage to resolve these few little problems.

Download WinMetro