Plugin Organizer – Control the way your plugins should be loaded

WordPress is currently Known as the most popular blogging platform on the Internet. It is used by many top Websites and one of the reasons that makes WordPress stand out is it’s rich plugin architecture. There are thousands of plugins available which you can install in your WordPress blog to enhance it’s functionality. These Plugins […]

How to Optimize Images for Better Search Rankings

On page optimization is one of the most important factor to get better rankings in SERP, while every Webmaster and Blogger try to¬†continuously¬†make their content Search Engine optimized but one thing that many of us miss out is optimizeimages for search traffic. If you are new to blogging than the first question that might pops […]

Automatic Updater: automatically installs WordPress updates

Many of us use WordPress as our Blogging Platform and while managing our Website, One regular task that we all practice is keep our blog plugins, WordPress version, themes up to date. Updating become highly essential when it fixes a really important security flaw. Usually, we update WordPress version, plugins or themes when we find […]

How to restrict Websites access using .htaccess

There may be times when you notice a certain supicious ip. You belive that the person behind that ip have an intention of harming your website in any way he possibly can, For ex if you have an adsence account he can create Invalid activity by clicking on your ads, resulting you banned adsence account. […]

How To Change The Default WP Prefix of WordPress

Whenever a begginer install WordPress or allows his/her webhost to install WordPress, most likely they will choose not to change the default WP Prefix during the installation. This could lead to a serious security issue. Since, hackers like to exploit vulnerable installations of WordPress. By default WP Prefix of WordPress is WP_ which allows attacker […]