How to Password Protect Your WordPress Admin Directory

We all know that the wp-admin directory is already being protected by login password, but to add an additional layer of security you can also password protect your Wp-admin directory. This will protect your website root folder files even if a Hacker somehow manages to break your login password. To keep things quick and easy, […]

How to Switch Between User Accounts in WordPress

If you run a multiauthor blog then once in a while you must have wished for a better way to switch between multiple user’s accounts. Today, we are going to show you How to switch between multiple user’s accounts at the click of a button. User Switching For WordPress This is a extremly handy plugin […]

How to Setup a Custom 404 Error page Design

As a wordpress user you must know that most of the themes comes with their own 404 php page that shows up whenever some one tries visit a invalid URL on your blog. 404 Error totally depends upon how many times you change the url without using a 301 redirect or how many times a […]

How to setup a 301 Permanent redirect

The 301 redirect is a HTTP status code to inform search engines that a page or entire website has been permanently moved to another link on the web. It is most efficient and Seo friendly since you won’t loose any of the search traffic for that page or website In most of the cases webmaster […]