How to Speed up your WordPress blog

How fast your WordPress website load? does it load in 2 second or less or it takes more than that. Well, if it takes more than 2 seconds then you should need to be worrying because According to a study 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. A […]

Stop Hotlinking – Protect your server bandwidth

Are you fed up of scrappers who steal your images from your RSS feeds or website by directly using the url, without your permission? This is something which is widely known as IMAGE HOTLINKING. The worst part of Image Hotlinking is not only they are using your images but also sucking your server bandwidth, and […]

WordPress Security tips – Protect your WordPress Site

WordPress is known to be the most-used blog tool today. Hundred’s of succesful websites and blogs are running on WordPress. After reading these types of lines you decides to start your blog on WordPress and one day you write an awesome post which gets too much attention, Social networking shares, people commenting on it and […]

NinjaWPass WordPress security – Protect WordPress against keyloggers and stolen passwords

NinjaWPass wordpress security plugin NinjaWPass is unknown yet powerful free wordpress security plugin to protect administration login of your blog. The method that NinjaWPass works is really different as compare to other popular security plugin and even many large banking corporation are using NinjaWPass to protect online account of their customers. How it works? NinjaWPass […]

Find out which wordpress plugins are slowing down your site

Nobody likes to drop on a slow website and wait for its page load that’s why we use cache plugin to keep our WordPress website trim but its pretty hard to keep the balance between number of plugins and Page loading speed. Having many WordPress plugins installed will lead to increase page load time and […]